Friday, September 16, 2011

Mia Update

This post is hard to write, but I know that there are some of you who are not in my "inner circle" and are not aware of Mia's current situation.

I did return to Bulgaria, with a friend, and did bring Mia to the US.

Upon our arrival, we, once again felt as though Mia would do better in a home where both parents felt they were capable of meeting her special needs. My husband does not feel he has that ability.

Mia is being adopted by a wonderful, new family. We know where she is and can keep in contact with her new parents. We have already received some photos from them.

This was not an easy decision. But, when you are the parents of a family, you have to work as a team. If both members of the team don't feel capable of handling a certain situation, that requires both parents to participate, then there has to be a decision made to change circumstances.

The outcome of these events, has been especially difficult for me. I was overwhelmed, at first, at the tasks of parenting a child with mental delays, but with a little time I felt I was ready for the challenge. My other half did not feel this way.

I wish, with all my heart, that things could have been different. I love my husband and he is a wonderful parent to our sons. He works at a very stressful job and works very long hours. I understand that he already feels like he is spread as far as he can go. I don't like the way he feels but I did not feel as though I could force him to do this. It would not be fair to anyone, especially Mia.

I love her and I miss her.

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  1. Debby, how is your family doing? Thinking of you still...